Discover the "anti-aging" secrets for a long and vital life

Le Dr Schmitz lance un nouveau programme qui améliorera votre qualité de vie : le Youth Course.

Ce programme, This program, in the form of a video, will allow you to achieve "SUPER HEALTH", that state of health that keeps diseases away and offers an old age full of vitality.

Au fil de ses vidéos, le Dr Schmitz vous aidera à devenir autonome pour vous soigner grâce à des techniques qui ont fait leurs preuves.

  • You will learn to purge your body naturally.

  • You will discover new health reflexes to prevent diseases (osteoarthritis and circulation disorders).

  • You will give your immune system a boost to get through the winters safely.

  • You will keep degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's at bay.

  • You will discover the latest innovations in natural health.

Receive videos from Dr. Schmitz 2 times a week to become master of your health!

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Gifts with a TOTAL VALUE OF 253€.

6 SPECIAL VIDEOS addressing different health problems.