DIP method


The DIP method

Dermo-Info-Puncture is a method of dermato-somato-emotional reinformation. The work is done on the skin, along the acupuncture meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, by a very precise gesture. The DIP method is a global vision of the treatment of the patient's body, allowing for the detection and understanding of energetic blockages and their release. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on a theory of the functioning of the human being in good health, from a physiological, psychological, anatomical, etc. point of view. It also attempts to explain the causes of disease and the biological and psychic mechanisms that result in disease. Chinese medicine seeks to understand the human being as a whole, both healthy and ill, from the point of view of both visible and invisible symptoms, by managing the balance of the internal energy called Qi or Tchi. The D.I.P. method fits particularly well into the current trend of "quantum medicine," working on 3 specific aspects, namely : matter, information, and energy.

To take your first steps in the DIP method, I invite you to put aside most of your knowledge, free yourself from prejudices, and let yourself be impregnated by the technique.

DIP Method:

  • DERMO, working directly on the skin

  • INFO, sending data with extremely precise gestures 

  • PUNCTURE, acupuncture meridians application 

The skin does not lie, it is the mirror of what happens inside

Who can practice the DIP method?

Any person with knowledge of human anatomy (doctors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, etc.)

What are the advantages of the DIP method?

  • It is a very easy method to practice and can be applied the day after the training.

  • It is absolutely risk-free (there is no osteopathic manipulation), with no side effects. It can be done on a newborn as well as on an elderly person.

  • The method is painless for the patient.

  • It requires no device, needle, or product... only your hands. It can therefore be practiced at the office as well as on the road.

  • The method is very effective (more than 90% of the pain disappears), and fast, because a result is often obtained from the first session in recent pathologies and never requires more than 2 to 3 sessions. For pathologies that have been present for a longer period of time, 4 to 7 sessions are required.

  • It works for both acute and chronic cases.

Which pathologies can be treated with the DIP method?

  • Head pathologies : headaches, facial neuralgia, tinnitus

  • Cervical pathologies : torticollis, cervico-brachialgia

  • Shoulder pathologies : periarthritis, frozen shoulders

  • Elbow pathologies : epicondylitis, epitrochleitis

  • Wrist pathologies : carpal tunnel, tendonitis

  • Pathologies of the hand: tendonitis of the fingers, rhizarthrosis of the thumb

  • Back pathologies : dorsalgia, intercostal neuralgia

  • Lumbar pathologies : low back pain, lumbago, sciatica

  • Hip pathologies : hip periarthritis, coxarthrosis (pain)

  • Knee pathologies : sprains, tendonitis, gonarthrosis (pain)

  • Ankle pathologies : sprains, tendonitis

  • Foot pathologies : heel spur, plantar pain.

  • Some abdominal or gynecological pain.

(this is not an exhaustive list)

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