"If you want to discover the secrets of the universe, think in terms of frequency, energy, and vibration"
Chrmotherapy, a specialized branch of light therapy, is a discipline of well-being and health support that relies on the natural bioenergetic effects of light and the psycho-emotional perception of colors to restore and maintain an optimal state of body and mind functioning.This natural state of balance, called homeostasis, contributes to good health, both physical and moral, in the broadest sense of the term. In recent years, chromotherapy has been the subject of serious scientific research and is used in NASA protocols. This system is based on simple principles of biology and physiology and is linked to the laws of light, optics, and electromagnetic phenomena. Colored light, diffused or pulsed with specially designed lamps, is prescribed in the form of colored light baths. It can be applied at the level of the visual sphere, globally on the whole body, locally on the organs or the affected structures, by reflexes at the level of the ears, feet, hands, eyes, nose, or teeth, as well as by bringing light into the great energy circuits that constitute the acupuncture meridians.

Light is made up of a range of electromagnetic waves that we perceive visually in the form of colors. Each wavelength (color) of the light spectrum has its own quality and quantity of energy. The principle of chromotherapy is that exposure to specific wavelengths of light and the vision of the corresponding colors act at different levels on physiological functions and emotional and psychological states to induce stimulating, balancing, or soothing effects, depending on the imbalances to be resolved. Light is the basis of the main biochemical processes linked to life. The best known example is photosynthesis, which is carried out by plants using photons (light energy) to transform CO2 into glucose. In a similar process, humans need sunlight to synthesize vitamin D.

Some colors, such as warm colors, increase the energy flow and tone the tissues; other colors, such as cold colors, slow down this flow. Neutral colors have the particularity of cleansing and draining energy, while mixed colors are regenerative, nutritive, protective, and healing. 

Light is a fundamental part of our being: through evolution, we have become bodies of light, living photoreceptors, we consume light (through food and photosynthesis processes), our thoughts are made of light; the nervous system, as well as our DNA, produce light: each cell in our body emits more than 100,000 pulses of light photons per second, called biophotons, which are responsible for maintaining good health. This emission of light is responsible for the exchange of information and energy, as well as for the proper communication between adjacent cells, which is an essential steering mechanism behind all biochemical reactions. The BIOPTRON® Quantum Hyperlight, a hyperpolarized light, is used at the Center.It is composed of biophotons (from the Greek words "βιος" meaning "life," and "φπς" meaning "light"). Biophotons must be distinguished from the physical photons that are most often discussed. Biophotons are defined as the electromagnetic radiation of biomolecules. Dr. Popp, F.A., has demonstrated that cells emit either a healthy, structured light responsible for good health or a chaotic light that indicates disease. The explanation here is simple: if the biophotons manage the body's biochemical processes in a chaotic way, the symmetry will be disturbed.

The healthy human body has the highest level of harmony. Sick people with weakened immune systems have a poor and chaotic level of harmony, disrupted cellular coherence, and poor biophoton communication.Once the cell metabolism is weakened, the cell is isolated from the regulated process of natural growth control. BIOPTRON® Quantum Hyperlight, as structured light, could restore the natural state of health in cellular biophoton communication.

BIOPTRON® Quantum Hyperlight has an energy structure identical to that of a hexagon, as do biophotons. When the Quantum Hyperlight is applied, "the pattern seeks the same pattern" and a resonant energy interaction occurs: the biological structures are supplied with additional electrons (energy) and information, which are transmitted through the hydrogen/water chain. A perfect match between the BIOPTRON® Quantum Hyperlight and the biophotons is achieved by their identical symmetry at the quantum level. By symmetry, the BIOPTRON® Quantum Hyperlight maintains and restores the structured biophotons and their communication. In concrete terms, we use seven different colored lenses, corresponding to the seven chakras of the body, to treat the damaged areas to be healed. The program lasts a minimum of 20 minutes but is tailored to each person and their problem.

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