Combining different techniques to overcome diseases is sometimes necessary. Our medical team is dedicated to advising you on the most appropriate therapies for you. Electromagnetic waves play a major role in your health. This is where pulsed electromagnetic field therapy or PAPIMI comes in. Waves have a very bad press, and rightly so! Magnetic fields are regularly mentioned by scientists who warn of the dangers related to the constant exposure of our body to low frequency waves such as wifi, GSM antennas, Bluetooth, radio waves, power lines, etc., which pollute the environment in an invisible, very insidious, and constant way. We are all affected by "electro smog" in a more or less important way. A sick person therefore has an energetic and electromagnetic deficit at the cell level that must be restored so that it can regenerate. However, in 1924, a Russian researcher named Georges Lakhovsky, hypothesized that sick cells could be healed thanks to certain waves, because they emit at a different frequency, much lower than healthy cells. Restoring the homeostasis of weakened cells with high frequencies is therefore part of a healing protocol.


The billions of cells that make up our body act like miniature batteries that send electrical signals to each other. When the batteries are fully charged, everything is going well, they are healthy. The body weakens when they are discharged or when they are discharged, whether due to illness or the natural aging process. This decrease in energy results in pain, inflammation, injury, and even cancer. In order to fill them up and regain their balance, they need to be recharged "electrically" and naturally so that they can return to normal activity. This is where pulsed electromagnetic field therapy comes in. Thanks to the pulses and vibrations sent to the cells, they regain their initial performance.


A healthy cell will have an electrical potential difference between the inside and outside of the cell of -70 to -100 millivolts. A diseased or inflamed cell will be between -30 to -70 millivolts. A degenerative cell will range from -30 to 0 millivolts, which represents cell death. This difference in charge between the inside and outside of the cell is fundamental. This natural system is therefore essential. A drop in voltage is synonymous with cellular dysfunction. It is crucial to understand that an electrically weakened cell means a decrease in cellular respiration and therefore a clear reduction in energy production, disrupted cellular exchanges and poor waste evacuation, or even cellular clogging due to lack of energy. The cell can no longer feed itself properly and eliminate toxins and CO2 efficiently. Apoptosis (or cell death), various diseases and even cancers are the direct and inevitable consequences linked to the lack of energy and unsuitable frequencies. The Pulsed Electromagnetic Field will restore this difference in charge between the inside and outside of the cell with all the consequences on the optimal functioning of the cell. Cells that function better, the body reacts much better, even to traditional allopathic treatments. This non-invasive technique allows for the direct treatment of wounds, inflammations, ischemic diseases, ulcerous, urinary, gastro-intestinal, and neuro-intestinal diseases, as well as dermatitis, psoriasis, bruises, and so on. 


  • Analgesic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Beneficial effect on tumors
  • Improves local blood circulation, which speeds up repair and regeneration
  • Improves tissue healing
  • Acceleration of recovery after a fracture, sprain, ...
  • Reduction and relief of edema
  • Reduction of rheumatism
This technique is a must in alternative medicine to allow any cell to find its frequency and optimal vibration. Without this invisible leveling, we cannot work effectively on the body, which is too unbalanced energetically.

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