Biological decoding

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Biological decoding is based on the biological meaning of the symptom. 

Biology does nothing by chance and responds to a fundamental logic. 

When the critical stress threshold increases, the biological survival response reacts to find a form of homeostasis. 

It is said that our body is the theater of our emotional life as soon as there is an imbalance at the level of the psyche in relation to a biological need that is not satisfied or to a specific, unexpressed feeling. 

The brain, our interface, records and gives information to a specific organ in relation to an experience. The latter can be conscious or unconscious and can come from an ancestral memory, a birth imprint, or a repetition of events. 

Every disease is a biological reaction, an adaptation to a conflicting moment that is no longer there. 

The solution to "THE DISEASE" always responds to the survival of the human being. 
Based on 3 axes:

  1. my own survival
  2. the other, the one I love
  3. survival of the species (offspring)