To accompany you...

In the holistic vision that we defend here at the Center, nutrition is a pillar of the protocols put in place to accompany you on the path to health. Many pathologies require a real adaptation of your diet in order to avoid feeding unhealthy cells and to encourage the regeneration and functioning of healthy cells.

Individualizing the food plan based on the pathology(ies), your personal background, intolerances and possible allergies, terrain, and so on, is essential, according to the anamnesis performed by the doctor or the nutritherapist. 

There are several "schools" (Dr. Kousmine, Dr. Seignalet, Mediterranean, ...) and it is sometimes difficult to find your way. Our role is to define with you a targeted and relevant protocol.

Our attention will be focused on acid-base balance, anti-inflammatory foods, different forms of fasting, immune modulation, mitochondrial functioning, food associations, chrononutrition, hormonal balance, etc. 

The most important thing is often in your plate first.

If necessary, we can help you supplement properly.