Coenzyme Q10

Ubiquinol coenzyme Q10 (not to be confused with ubiquinone, - is the oxidized form of coenzyme Q10 that requires enzymatic reactions to transform into its active form, which is less assimilable) is a powerful antioxidant naturally present in the body (mainly in the membrane of the mitochondria). Its chemical structure is similar to that of vitamin K, and it is essential in all energy production processes in cells and tissues.

Indeed, coenzyme Q10's action in the body consists in converting the energy brought by food into energy usable by the cells by ensuring the chain of electron transfer at the mitochondrial level.This is why it is present in the majority of the body's tissues that contain the most mitochondria, in other words, those that consume the most energy, namely the heart, brain, muscles, liver, and immune system. 

In addition to its main antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, the benefits of coenzyme Q10 are numerous: it improves heart health, protects the cardiovascular system, lowers total and LDL cholesterol, reduces hypertension, reduces the side effects of statins (also fatigue and muscle pain), improves infertility situations, reduces type 2 diabetes, protects the skin and liver, and reduces the side effects of chemotherapy. It is an essential ally in the pathologies of fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinson's, depression, chronic fatigue, and migraines. 

Despite its natural presence in the body, it tends to decrease with age. An external contribution can be recommended by the food (rapeseed oil, meats, fish, oleaginous compounds, etc.), by a supplement in liposomal form, or by injection in an intravenous way. Well associated with other medicinal plants or other molecules, coenzyme Q10 is known in the scientific community to be effective, well tolerated, and to give excellent results.

Injections Indications
Vitamins C Immunity - Cancers - Energy - Cardiovascular disorders - Viral infections
Glutathion Detoxification (general, drug, vaccine, anesthesia, ...)
Synergy with ozone therapy
Chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia
Curcumins Inflammatory flare-ups:
  • autoimmune diseases (polyarthritis, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, ...)
  • osteoarthritis
CoQ10 Oxidative stress
Cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, heart failure, pericarditis, stroke, type 2 diabetes...) and drug cardiotoxicity
Artemisia (artémisinine) Microbial infections: Lyme, Covid 19, flu, ...
Inflammatory outbreaks
  • autoimmune diseases (polyarthritis, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, ...)
  • osteoarthritis