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The impact of glands and hormones on all aspects of human life is a little known and neglected fact. It is, however, critical to understanding man and the common health problems that we face today. 

Dr. Jean Gautier has spent his life demonstrating the absolute predominance of the glands over the nervous system and the brain: hormonal substances, prodigiously energetic, are at the very basis of the functioning of every human being. He affirms that the endocrine system allows the connection, the information, and the execution of all the mechanisms that govern the individual. Although there are many endocrine glands, Dr. Jean Gautier has identified four fundamental ones, called adaptive glands:

  • The thyroid
  • Adrenal glands
  • The pituitary gland
  • Interstitial genital tissue

Jean du Chazaud continued the work of Dr. Gautier and named this discipline "endocrino-psychology".

In turn, throughout his life, and still today, Mr. du Chazaud has never ceased to deepen this immense knowledge and to transmit it during the training courses he gives.

The thyroid gland is the gland that allows:

  • Life is what makes the heart beat
  • The storage and retrieval of information stored in the brain
  • oxygenation of all the cells as well as oxidation-reduction, which is essential for the physiological functioning of all the cells in the body
  • the regulation of the speed of all our functions, including mental and emotional.

Everything slows down in hypothyroidism and speeds up in hyperthyroidism when thyroxine is present. The coordination of all physical, kinesthetic, sensory, and emotional sensitivity, the regulation of sleep, joy, and sadness or depression 

Our hormonal system is in bad shape, parasitized by eletromagnetic pollution and by the many endocrine disruptors found in our beverages, foods, and cosmetics. It is essential to consider glandular and hormonal balance as part of a holistic, vibrational, and informational naturopathic approach. 

In order to provide for the rebalancing of the glandular system, Jean du Chazaud has developed the Equilios® system. .

This system generates a general electromagnetic resonance that is variable for each individual based on his or her own magnetic frequency. These currents act remarkably on the endocrine balance, which will stimulate the sluggish glands and temper the more active ones to achieve balance and a clear improvement in the general state. You can benefit today from the multi-frequency shortwave currents produced by the Equilios® system, which will influence the entire glandular system.


  • Reduce fatigue
  • Getting back to sleep
  • Thyroid and hormonal disorders in general (Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Hyperactivity, Libido Disorders, Impotence, and so on) are regulated.
  • Reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Hyper-electrosensitivity
  • Potentiate mental and intellectual capacities