Who are we?

Dr. Schmitz's background

Doctor of Medicine, graduate of the University of Louvain, he has a solid experience in natural medicines. Since 1986, he has continued to perfect his knowledge of the various alternative approaches to health.

Dr. Thierry Schmitz has been passionate about Natural Medicines since he left university.

He has built his experience as a doctor on this path and his numerous research works have allowed him to take up the many challenges that natural medicine poses to the major diseases of our civilization.

Homeopathy, phyto-aromatherapy, nutritherapy, nutritional supplements, eumetabolic medicine, moratherapy, Vincent's bioelectronics, his daily work tools, have no more secrets for him.

Thus, for the past thirty years, synthesizing his knowledge of natural medicines, he has been developing his own treatment protocols, focusing on pathologies for which allopathic medicine does not work: cancers, AIDS, multiple sclerosis and autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, rebellious eczema, cardiovascular diseases, chronic hepatitis, migraines, cholesterol problems, hormonal disorders, etc.

In addition to his work as a physician and researcher, he is also a very popular lecturer in Belgium, where he lives, and in France. He plays a role in the dissemination of knowledge in the field of alternative medicine through numerous publications in specialized journals such as the journal Principe de Santé and the European Institute of Natural Medicine, his training center in naturopathy created in January 2009

He is also the author of three books:

  • "Natural healing of the major diseases of civilization"(2001 - Editions Dr. Thierry Schmitz)

  • "Révélations Santé ;" - Alternative solutions of natural medicine (2008 - Editions Tredaniel)

  • " Practical Guide to Augmented Health " - Practical tips for +++ health and stay fit for life! (2018 - Editions Révélation Santé Presse)

Dr Thierry Schmitz and his team

Today, dear patients, more and more of you are placing your trust in me and I thank you for that. You have come from far, even very far away to meet me. You have heard about the medicine I practice and especially about the results I have obtained for several years. Yes, word of mouth travels fast in our hyperconnected world and you learn from all sides that another medicine is possible. You have come to the end of a long journey strewn with disappointments and pitfalls.

Like many of my patients, you have tried traditional allopathic medicine but unfortunately, it has shown its limits in the treatment of your pathology. This medicine is essential because it saves lives in emergencies, but is very poor for chronic pathologies. Every day, I see "lost" patients who do not know where to turn. Painkillers, steroidal or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and antidepressants are the traditional cocktail. But these medications alone do not provide any lasting remission.

Patients, suffering from Lyme or fibromyalgia for example, come to me after years of suffering and especially disillusionment. They are desperately looking for a solution and they finally knock on the right door;

I have personally trained a brand new team of doctors and nurses to welcome you to our brand new center. They will apply the protocols designed by me for each disease. They benefit from my experience and the many cases I have already treated. I selected them for their skills, but also for their vision of natural medicine, completely aligned with mine.

In addition to doctors and nurses, a team of physiotherapists, naturopaths and psychologists will help you complete your therapy with a completely complementary approach and holistic treatment. Your long medical wanderings come to an end with a different and more natural approach. After the medical history, we will set up the appropriate natural treatment without rejecting all the traditional allopathic medicine. But in natural medicine, the possibilities are endless.

When you walk through the door of our ozone therapy and natural medicine center, you will have the opportunity to treat yourself differently, by a highly qualified team. We treat chronic diseases with concrete results, quickly and without side effects. You will find below a description of the different techniques practiced by my team.

A whole medical team at your service


Upon your arrival, our doctors will take care of you.

Follow-up during and after your stay.


A global view of the body through a cranial, visceral and structural approach.


Balancing our glands is important for our health.

A consultation will determine your needs.


Our center is oriented towards alternative medicine and naturopathy in particular. Our naturopaths are there for you


Our diet is essential to our quality of life. Our nutritherapists will advise you to harmonize your diet.

Nurse specialists

A complete team of specialized nurses, trained in ozone therapy and our other techniques, awaits you.

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