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Practical Guide to Augmented Health

(2018 - Editions Révélation Santé Presse)

This book is for people who are well or feel well or for people who have recovered and want to do prevention by raising their health slider.

To all those who wish to invest in their health and who consider that without a "good health" we no longer have the happiness and joy of living that we all deserve to keep until the end of our lives.

Health is like capital in your bank: you have to take care of it and make it grow and not let your capital be eroded by inflation or lost altogether by bad financial investments.

While it is true that we grow old and that we are programmed to die, we can indeed remain in good or very good health until the end; to grow old does not mean to be sick or to be diminished; we have the power and the means not only to remain in good health but even to increase it and to create margin even during the last period of our life; When we see a person of 80 years old and who looks 60, we say to ourselves that he has good genes; nothing could be further from the truth; and I will explain to you how to manage to look younger both on the outside and especially on the inside and I will give you a scoop right away: no, genes have little importance on your health!

To the many hypochondriacs who are afraid of illness or who believe they are ill at the first symptom, I bring them additional assurance through my advice throughout this book which I hope will comfort them a little.

Acheter Maintenant

Health Revelations

(2008 – Editions Tredaniel)

Practical tips for gaining the leeway to stay healthy for the rest of your life!

  • The bad news: " Everything that happened to your health is your fault, you can't blame anyone! You can't blame anyone!".

  • The good news: " You can still change everything and at any age ".

No doubt, you have noticed that many families of civilization diseases are now joined by those who, only yesterday, were orphans.

However, solutions do exist! However, we must accept to go back to the first source of the origins and fundamental causes of our health problems. First of all, there are questions of diet, but also of lifestyle and aggravating factors.

Dr Thierry Schmitz takes up this challenge with brilliance and leads us in a simple, clear and gradual presentation of the dietary origins of our individual problems. Far from any spirit of "repetitions" without foundation, drawn from manuals of another age, he translates to us, in a simple and accessible language, the contemporary values and virtues of the art of living and healing, in the light of the last works of the great biologists.

" Health Revelations " goes further than many theoretical advices and stays as close as possible to the concrete methods imposed by the complementary medicines of the XXIst century. A perfect book for the sufferer who wants to understand everything, a tool adapted to the needs of the student of natural medicine and which will satisfy the informed practitioner.

Natural healing of major diseases of civilization

(2001 – Éditions Dr. Thierry Schmitz)

Diet is involved in more than 80% of the causes of mortality such as: cardiovascular disease, cancers, alcoholism, metabolic overload diseases, digestive diseases.

In this book, you will find keys to act in a preventive way rather than curative, an attitude unfortunately proper to our society. A healthy diet used as a preventive measure undeniably ensures good health and longevity.

The first part is conceived in a practical way by making the point on the bases of a healthy food (the raw and the cooked, the natural food, the vegetables, the fruits...). You will find simple and easy advice to preserve your health capital.

The second part focuses on the prevention and treatment of diseases through diet and nutritional supplements. In short, each pathology has its own nutritional approach. The book reviews cancerous diseases but also elimination diseases (colopathy, crohn's disease...), including autoimmune diseases... A real practical dictionary to live better, whatever your physical condition, and in better health.

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