Energetic Massotherapy

To accompany you...

Massage is an ancestral technique that is unfortunately neglected today! Despite being regarded as a luxury, taking time for oneself allows one to (re)find the balance required for our health. Much more than body care, it allows for in-depth work on "the bodies" that compose us. To benefit from one moment for oneself, to pamper oneself, to make a pause in the frantic race against time, to untie the tensions, to center oneself, to evacuate the stress, to channel the emotions... the benefits are numerous within the framework of a naturopathic work or simply a step of wellbeing... Each session begins with an "inventory," a review of your path. With a holistic view, an intention will be set for the session.

Sensory massage

When the senses are awake, it is a care for both the body and the soul.It allows the person to refocus, relax, reenergize, unify, and find himself.

Work on the states of tension and energy blockages is done gently by various movements of effleurage, kneading, stretching, drainage, and accompaniment to breathing. It stimulates the sensory awakening, which is also an awakening to life, in an atmosphere of respect and authenticity.

This massage with warm vegetable oil and organic essential oils (instinctive psycho-emotional drawing "Herbes et Traditions®") is part of a ritual in which the person is considered in his or her entirety. A meeting with the therapist introduces and punctuates the session. Aromatherapy and elixirs (Bach® Flowers and Californian elixirs) can both be used concurrently. 

Escape massage

It is above all an invitation to travel and exoticism. Combining different techniques known in the world (Californian, Thai, Balinese, ...), this massage is a revitalizing and invigorating treatment, allowing the energy to circulate freely in the body again.

Tensions will be relieved by energetic and varied movements of acupressure, stretching, stimulation of reflex points and muscle relaxation.

Color massage

Combines chromotherapy work with the relaxation benefits of massage. The body is relaxed and rebalanced by the instinctive selection (tarology) or the targeted selection (based on the patient's physiological and emotional needs) of a colored massage oil. Each color enters into a relationship or vibration with a specific acupoint, zone, or organ of the body, as well as a well-defined state of mind and emotions, by penetrating the skin. A chromotherapy lamp positioned at different points of the body reinforces the work of rebalancing with a "bath" of hyperpolarized light (Hyperlight Quantum Bioptron®).

Sound massage with singing bowls

Is a surprisingly relaxing and energetic massage! The therapist places singing bowls (designed by Peter Hess) on and around the body of the person, who is fully dressed and comfortably installed in a cocoon of softness. Thanks to the different sounds whose vibrations echo with the body cells and thanks to the circular movements made by the bowl, the person lets go, relaxes immediately, and goes into a deep relaxation. An indescribable sound journey that alleviates energy blockages and other tensions.

The different bowls used are distinguished by their frequency, their vibrations and their sound. Each part of the body has its own bowl. In addition to stimulating the immune system, the beneficial effects on the body are impressive.