Une thérapie systémique puissante et saine

femme en ozone

L’ozone, une révolution 

Les nombreuses découvertes ont bouleversé le monde médical et amélioré considérablement la vie des patients.

Parmi elles, la thérapie par l’ozone révolutionne la médecine actuelle et pourrait bien être la clé pour soigner de nombreuses maladies chroniques voire incurables comme la fibromyalgie, le sida, le cancer ou encore la sclérose en plaques. 

Une technique innovante aux résultats bluffants.

L’ozone a bien mauvaise presse alors que sans lui, toute vie serait impossible. 

Ses vertus ont été découvertes il y a bientôt 200 ans et vont secouer le monde médical par la puissance et l’étendue des applications thérapeutiques possibles.

The extraordinary therapeutic solutions of super oxygen

This ozone, in addition to protecting the Earth, also has surprising medical properties that have been recognized and refined over time with a curative, hyper-targeted, and long-lasting action. Ozone was discovered in 1840 in Switzerland by a certain Schönbein and was only later used for its antibacterial properties and the treatment of infectious diseases.

Ozone therapy is not new and is developing little by little thanks to major discoveries, but is unfortunately stifled by the pharmaceutical laboratories, which do not see any substantial benefit in this practice. Nonetheless, this revolutionary technique provides many answers to diseases that have no cure and are being treated in the strictest allopathy, weakening the patient with treatments that are as ineffective as they are dangerous. 

High dose ozone therapy

Ozone High Dose Therapy (OHT) offers a great feeling of well-being and rejuvenates the body.

An increase in vitality and energy is visible from the first session.

  • Ozone improves the immunological system thanks to its anti-infectious virtues which eliminate microbes, germs, viruses and bacteria from the body.

  • The detoxifying effect of ozone therapy allows the evacuation of toxins by natural means.

  • It is an excellent anti-aging factor, the high dose ozone OHT promotes the growth and self-renewal of stem cells. This allows the body to regenerate and increase longevity.

  • The super oxygen that is ozone improves the metabolism of red blood cells, making the blood more fluid and allowing a better oxygenation of each cell.

  • Ozone oxidizes the atheromatous plaques in the arteries, strongly reducing cholesterol.

In the body, ozone is divided into two parts: oxygen, which is beneficial to our cells and our dynamism, and the O- ion (negative O), which neutralizes most of the body's free radicals.

Most of the unwanted components in the body are positively charged. The O- ion will neutralize them by a simple oxidation and thus purify our body.

Our blood vessels will be repaired and the oxygen supply will boost our body and allow our brain to rejuvenate significantly.

As our planet evolved, the concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere decreased. At the time of the dinosaurs the concentration of oxygen in the air was 35%, which is probably one of the major causes of their great size. Today the concentration of oxygen in the air is 17%. We would have to plant billions of trees and care for marine plankton to reoxygenate our air, something that will not happen in the short term.

Ozone therapy allows us to individually increase the amount of oxygen in our body, which increases our performance and well-being.

Traditionally ozone treatment provides 3mg of ozone to the body, OHT allows it to be concentrated more efficiently to reach between 140mg and 170mg of the beneficial gas.

Unexpected benefits

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that self-renew and differentiate into other cell types. With ozone, their growth is stimulated throughout your body. This stimulation is one of the most important aspects of regenerative capacity and longevity;

This therapy allows the body to repair itself, to "self-regenerate."

But the range of benefits seems limitless. Ozone helps to thin the blood, which allows oxygen to circulate much better, throughout the body and reach all tissues. Super-oxygenation increases the metabolism of red blood cells and therefore increases the transport and delivery of it to each cell. People suffering from Raynaud's disease, which is characterized by numbness and a cooling of the extremities, will see an unexpected improvement in their condition;

Ozone therapy also has a very positive impact on the reduction of cholesterol, by oxidizing the atheromatous plaques in the arteries;

The brain is also impacted by better oxygenation: better memory, better concentration, better brain function in general;

Numerous applications will be discovered and may finally bring a very promising answer to patients discouraged by traditional treatments without results;

For more than a century, these super molecules have been used on humans, whether in local treatment or more generalized infusions, with surprising and safe results every day. Better oxygenation is synonymous with energy and convalescence. This technique significantly reduces fatigue and pain associated with the most incapacitating diseases. 

Les principales indications de l'ozone

INFECTIOUS PATHOLOGIES: BACTERIA, VIRUSES, FUNGI, AND PROTOZOA The oxidation caused by ozone does not damage the cells, which defend themselves thanks to their anti-oxidative capacity. Ozone only attacks infectious agents, while stimulating immunity, unlike antibiotics.
CIRCULATORY AND CARDIOVASCULAR PROBLEMS Cardiovascular problems can lead to a lack of oxygenation that will affect the whole body. As the first cause of death in the world, it requires holistic management: nutrition, sport, stress management, chronic inflammation management,... Ozone is an essential crutch, as it promotes better blood circulation and acts as a vasodilator. However, certain precautions must be taken just after a heart attack or hemorrhagic stroke, where ozone is contraindicated. On the other hand, in prevention or post-trauma treatment, it is highly recommended.
RHUMATISMES & ARTHRITE & TROUBLES ARTICULAIRES. Rheumatic problems are chronic diseases treated with painkillers and anti-inflammatories (even morphine derivatives for the most severe cases), which, in the long term, will do more harm than good. Ozone therapy, administered infiltrationally or intravenously, provides rapid relief thanks to its analgesic, healing, and anti-inflammatory action. Sciatica, jaw joint disorders, herniated discs, and bursitis are indications that fall perfectly within the therapeutic window of ozone.
REDUCTION OF SYMPTOMS RELATED TO AMD (AGE-RELATED MACULAR DEGENERATION) This ophthalmic disease affects the macula (center of the retina) mainly in people in their fifties. Two forms of AMD can affect you: the dry form, which is more common, and the wet form, which is very severe. Ozone therapy can reduce symptoms and increase visual acuity, but only in its dry form.
FIBROMYALGIA Faced with the approximate and unsustainable treatment of traditional medicine, which considers that the cause is psychological, ozone therapy can safely relieve the most disabling pain and boost your energy.
WOUNDS AND SKIN LESIONS. Ozone therapy has also proven its effectiveness in skin regeneration, first as an anti-infectious and then as a healing agent. Ozonated water and ozonated oils can also be used to disinfect wounds and skin lesions.
ZONA & HERPÈS In order to effectively treat shingles and herpes, it is recommended to apply ozonated oil to the areas to be treated to complement the antiviral treatment. This treatment produces remarkable results. For optimal results in female genital infections, a vaginal probe treatment in the ozone sauna, Hocatt, is recommended.
THE DIABETIC FOOT The diabetic foot is characterized by a loss of sensitivity, infections, and progressive destruction of the foot tissue. Amputation is a possibility for all patients with diabetes. It is essential to treat the diabetic person in a global way, taking into account his or her diet. Ozone therapy is strongly recommended to treat the patient in order to improve blood circulation in the limb, allowing for better healing, oxygenation, and nourishment of cells to avoid amputation.
CHRONIC INTESTINAL PATHOLOGIES: ULCERATIVE COLITIS, CROHN'S DISEASE Ozone therapy has been tested on many patients suffering from chronic bowel diseases, some of whom were severely affected. Symptoms of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis have been relieved very significantly. However, bowel disease must be managed holistically, including through dietary reform.
SYMPTOMS OF CHRONIC FATIGUE Physical exhaustion, also called chronic fatigue syndrome, has become commonplace. There are many reasons for overworking: too many days, poor diet, poor digestion, bad nights, chronic stress... The regeneration of the organism thanks to ozone allows better mitochondrial function almost instantaneously. This super oxygen fluidifies the blood, increases blood circulation, allows nutrients to be transported more easily to the cells, and promotes better oxygen circulation throughout the body. The cells function at full capacity and provide the energy that was lacking.
LYME DISEASE Ticks infected with the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi transmit Lyme disease when they bite an individual. This widespread disease mainly affects walkers, who are the first victims. The symptoms are mainly fever, extreme fatigue, joint pain, heart problems, vomiting,... The wound caused by the tick is distinct because redness in a circle surrounds the bite. A course of antibiotics is necessary, but it must be taken at the first symptoms. Ozone therapy often improves the patient's symptomatological picture, which allows him/her to have a better quality of life.
CANCER Due to all the properties mentioned above, it seems obvious that ozone therapy can play a major role in the fight against cancer. Ozone therapy can and should be used in conjunction with other conventional (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy) and/or alternative (vitamin C infusion, hemo-laser, pulsed electromagnetic fields, biological decoding, etc.) therapies. However, since this disease is so vast and complex, it is obviously necessary to consult one of our doctors at the center to determine an individualized protocol.
DERMATOLOGICAL PROBLEMS Depending on your dermatological condition, blood ozone therapy may or may not be recommended. In addition, ozone therapy works wonders in cosmetology, especially to solve many skin problems such as psoriasis, cellulite, and recurrent acne problems. Its disinfectant properties make it a great ally for the entire dermatological sphere, as ozone stimulates the renewal of skin cells. We often recommend the ozone sauna (Hocatt) in cases of dermatological problems. In this case, the ozone is instantly deposited on your skin and thus acts directly on the source of the problem.

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