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The HOCATT is a revolutionary technique that will help everyone to improve their daily comfort and general health: a chamber where you sit for 30 minutes that offers no less than 8 TREATMENTS in 1 SINGLE SESSION.

It's not just a sauna; it's much more than that!

It uses heat to dilate the pores so that the ozone penetrates through the skin and floods the body at the cellular level.

This holistic approach to health acts on all systems of the body and is suitable for men and women of all ages and physical conditions.

Sports performance and the HOCATT ™

What if you could increase your athletic performance by simply sitting back and relaxing for just 60 minutes a day?

For the athlete in you, it's all about increasing energy and improving the way you use oxygen. Because the HOCATT ™ floods your body with ozone (which you can think of as super oxygen) down to the cellular level, it's the perfect tool for any sports enthusiast!

Effects of HOCATT ™ in sports medicine

  • Ensures optimal athletic performance.

  • Increases energy levels.

  • Increases strength, endurance and speed - without fatigue.

  • It aids in weight loss by burning up to 600 calories per session.

  • It transforms fat into muscle.

  • Accelerates recovery after exercise.

  • Facilitates the healing of sports injuries.

  • Reduces physical and emotional stress.

Women's Health and HOCATT ™

What if you could improve your beauty and lose weight just by sitting and relaxing for 60 minutes a day?

Effects of HOCATT ™  on weight loss

  • Reduces cellulite.

  • Improves weight loss by burning up to 600 calories per session.

  • It transforms fat into muscle.

Effects of HOCATT ™  on the skin

When it comes to your skin, carbonic acid and ozone are the best applications for rejuvenation and beauty:

  • Slows down the aging process by increasing the oxygen supply to the cells.

  • Stimulates collagen synthesis.

  • Firms the chest and strengthens the connective tissue.

  • Improves the elasticity and texture of the skin.

  • Reduces imperfections and softens scars.

Hocatt ™ or transdermal hyperthermal ozone and carbonic acid technology

Our view of health is based solely on the miracle that is our own human body when it is functioning in optimal conditions.

We aim for a kind of "hyperhealth,"  the kind of health that makes you more confident, creative, attractive, sharp, and strong. We aim to give you more energy to improve your performance in the shortest possible time. To accomplish this challenge, we use HOCATT ™ technology (hyperthermal ozone and carbonic acid transdermal technology). This is a sauna equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that detoxify the body, improve circulation, support the immune system, and boost energy down to the cellular level.

The HOCATT ™ is truly a holistic approach to health using a combination of natural yet powerful therapeutics. It is the only device that works simultaneously on all systems of the body: the immune, circulatory, nervous, lymphatic, digestive, muscular, skeletal, and endocrine systems.

The various technologies offered by the HOCATT ™ have been carefully chosen through extensive scientific research. Individually, they are already very powerful, but their combination creates a synergy that energizes the body for immediate healing, repair, and recovery.

Whether you're sick, an athlete looking to improve your performance, or just a healthy person concerned about prevention through a powerful detoxification of your body, HOCATT ™ will benefit you.

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