Virotherapy or virus therapy

Viruses are microscopic invaders, much smaller than bacteria. They infect cells and reproduce at high speed. In general, we try to avoid them to stay healthy and protect ourselves from sometimes virulent infections. They are seen as the undesirable ones, from which we must protect ourselves as much as possible.

Towards the end of 1800, the scientific community had noticed a temporary improvement in the general condition of certain cancer patients after a viral infection. It was not until much later that a connection was made between viruses and cancer cells.

Some types of viruses have been found to specifically infect cancer cells. These viruses, called "oncolytic viruses," have been developed and used to kill cancer cells.

Oncolytic viruses will kill the cancer cell directly by infiltrating, multiplying, and bursting it. When the cancer cell dies, it will release "bugs" called antigens throughout the body. These tumor antigens are then directed to the immune cells that alert the T cells (which defend us), which will allow the body to recognize and detect the cancer and then destroy the intruder, thus helping the body to defend itself much more effectively.

An attack in several strategic, almost military phases that will lead to the success of life over death.

Oncolytic virus = virus that kills cancer cells

Onco to designate cancer and lytic to designate the destruction.

Healthy cells VS cancer cells

Most healthy cells have the ability to defend themselves against oncolytic viruses, thanks to their armor and their very powerful defense arsenal. They will produce interferons (antiviral molecules) that will protect the surrounding cells. Cancer cells, on the other hand, no longer have this defense capacity and will be attacked by oncolytic viruses.

This therapy is a fairly recent approach to the treatment of cancer. But it can be considered in conjunction with traditional treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Very encouraging results have been obtained by combining virotherapy and ozone therapy.

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