Miltatherapy is a technology that combines several physico-energetic agents, including a cold laser, chromotherapeutic LED light, and a magnetic field. This therapy was originally developed by medical-scientific research teams specializing in aerospace medical research. This innovative technology is based on the interaction between living tissue and low intensity photons and infrared technology. 

It easily complements other therapies; it is fast, painless, and effective. Its main properties are analgesic, anti-inflammatory, restorative, healing, and immunostimulating. 

In practice, the Milta has several accessories to emit its light with exceptional properties. The therapist can either use a large panel to completely cover a large area, use a shower head to better target a specific area, or use a pencil to stimulate a specific point, such as an acupuncture point. 

The panel and the Milta shower head are both equipped with a magnetic tunnel embedded in the devices. Indeed, the latter primarily allows for the enhancement of the effect of the emitted light, as well as the generation of a magnetic field that facilitates lymphatic drainage and thus allows for better toxin evacuation. Finally, the latter allows, via a physics-related phenomenon, to recreate a light more biologically adapted to our body, such as the sun's light waves. 

The main indications

  • Tendinites and tendinopathies
  • Wound healing and tissue regeneration problems
  • Liver detoxification
  • Burns
  • algodystrophy, pseudoarthrosis, and delayed consolidation
  • Treatment of pain in general

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