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Today, dear patients, more and more of you are placing your trust in me your trust and I thank you for it. You come from far, even very far to meet me. You have heard about the medicine that I practice and especially the results that I have obtained for several years. Yes, word of mouth goes very fast in our hyperconnected world and you learn from all sides that another medicine is possible. You have reached the end of a long of a long journey strewn with disappointments and pitfalls.

Like many of my patients, you have tried traditional allopathic medicine but unfortunately, it has shown its limits in the treatment of your treatment of your pathology.

This medicine is essential because it saves lives in emergencies, but is very poor for chronic pathologies. Every day, I see "lost" patients who do not know where to turn. which saint to turn to. Painkillers, anti-inflammatory steroids or not, and antidepressants are the traditional cocktail.

But, alone, these drugs do not provide any lasting remission.

The patients, suffering from Lyme or fibromyalgia for example, come to come to me after years of suffering and especially after years of disillusionment. They are desperately looking for a solution and they and they finally knock on the right door.

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All a multidisciplinary team at your service

I have personally trained a brand new team of doctors and nurses to welcome you to our nurses to welcome you to our brand new center.

They will apply the protocols designed by me for each disease. disease. They benefit from my experience and the many cases I have already I have already treated. I have selected them for their their skills, but also for their vision of natural medicine, completely aligned with mine.

In addition to doctors and nurses, a team composed of physiotherapist, osteopath, psychologist, naturopath nutritherapist, and massage therapist will help you to enrich your therapy with a completely complementary approach and a holistic holistic treatment.

Your medical wandering is coming to an end thanks to a different and more natural approach.

After the history taken by the doctor, we put in place the appropriate the appropriate treatment without rejecting all traditional allopathic traditional allopathic medicine. But in natural medicine the possibilities are infinite. This upstream consultation upstream makes all the difference and really allows you to to individualize your care protocol, with a view to under the benevolent and attentive eye of each member of the team. of the team.

By our ozone therapy and natural medicine center, you will have the opportunity to you will have the opportunity to treat yourself differently, by a highly by a highly qualified team.

We treat chronic diseases with concrete results, and without side effects. Below you will find a description of the description of the different techniques practiced by my team. my team.

Discover the "anti-aging" secrets for a long and vital life

Dr. Schmitz is launching a new program that will improve your quality of life: the Youth Course.

This program, in the form of a video, will allow you to achieve SUPER HEALTH, that state of health that keeps illnesses at bay and offers an old age full of vitality.

Through his videos, Dr. Schmitz will help you become self-sufficient in treating yourself with proven techniques.

  • You will learn to purge your body naturally

  • You will discover new health reflexes to prevent diseases (osteoarthritis and circulation disorders)

  • You will give your immune system a boost to get through the winters safely.

  • You will keep degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson away

  • You will discover the latest innovations in natural health.

Receive videos from Dr. Schmitz 2 times a week to become master of your health!

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Patients' testimonials

After a chaotic 5 year medical journey, it seems that she has finally found the right treatment for the disabling consequences of her Lyme!

Thierry D. - about his sister

After 2 sessions of ozone therapy and vit c, my eyesight is back to normal

Françoise ;- Marche-en-Famenne

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