Pharmacie : découvrez 4 arnaques à éviter

Here are four drugs sold in pharmacies that are scams:

Pharmacy scam: Guronsan for tired high school students

Legend has it that one Guronsan lozenge contains as much caffeine as 27 cups of coffee. It's said to be prodigious product to help tired teenagers revise and stimulate unmotivated employees.

But it's a fable. The Guronsan contains only 50 mg of caffeine [1], far less than a cup of coffee (95-200 mg) [2]. And its possible doping power certainly doesn't come from its other ingredients. Apart from a little vitamin C, it contains :

  • table sugar (sucrose)
  • du sel (sodium)
  • 400 mg glucuronamide, a chemical compound with no proven medical properties [3].
  • the aroma of "Gin fizz" to give the impression of an "active" product (also because it fizzes), and additives.

Pharmacy scams: disinfectants and antiseptics for aches and pains

What parent wouldn't feel guilty guilty of not having bottles of bottles of disinfectant to treat wounds, since "what stings" is always that stings" is always considered the most effective against infection?

The flagship products of over-the-counter disinfectants and antiseptics are useless. No is as effective and universally applicable as hot tap water.

The toxic mercurochrome is now prohibited. Alcohol should never be used on the skin, but only to disinfect only for disinfecting instruments (thermometer, needle). Hydrogen burns wounds horribly. Chlorhexidine leaves many germs germs persist. Tincture of iodine stains and can provoke allergies.

Octenidine hydrochloride octenidine hydrochloride, which is highly effective against a wide range of infectious micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, mycoses). However, it is only really only really useful in the hospital environment, for large wounds and burns with a high risk of infection. The same applies to antibiotics applied to the skin. on the skin. Let the doctors handle these products.

For minor wounds, the best thing by far is to wash the wound thoroughly with hot water. It takes a bit of courage at first, but the miracle is that this treatment can completely eliminate pain in record time, and considerably accelerate healing. And for children who especially need reassurance, a good "magic kiss" from Mum or Dad on the boo-boo will do even even better than "products".

For bleeding wounds, then apply a greasy dressing that won't pull the scab off when you remove it. when you remove it. (You can also refer to one of my previous for details on how to treat small wounds.

Pharmacy scam: Cold medicines

If you catch a cold, it's because because your immune system is weakened. Normally, it should have eliminated the virus before you felt the symptoms:

  • runny nose,
  • blocked ears,
  • headache,
  • watery eyes.

However, even if it was slow your immune system is now the only one in charge. It will get rid of the cold, and there's nothing you can do to speed up the the healing process. It will take between a week and ten days.

However, for the next time time, take some vitamin C, fr vitamin D, du probiotics for (a very important immunity center), redouble and avoid junk food.

Don't imagine that you'll any positive effect from cold medicines. Although there are dozens on pharmacy shelves (Humex, Drill, Fervex, Actifed, Nurofen...), they all have side effects that outweigh their meagre benefits.

It's important to be aware of their mode of action: most of them actually claim to "cure the common cold". simply contain paracetamol or ibuprofen, products that reduce fever and fever and suppress pain, which is undesirable because fever fever is a natural mechanism for eliminating viruses.

To unblock your nose or ears, they contain products that constrict blood vessels. 

The consequence is to put yourself at risk of stroke, myocardial infarction or severe neurological problems [4]. 

They should therefore be avoided by anyone under the age of 15, or suffering from cardiovascular or neurological disorders.

common cold

Finally, the third possibility, they contain antihistamines, products that reduce immune reactions, suppressing reactions, suppressing symptoms but leaving the way clear for free rein for viruses.

It's better to have a good hot toddy (lemon, miel and a drop of rum), chicken broth (with the bones, loaded marrow-laden bones), and eucalyptus inhalation.

Pharmacy scam: mosteoporosis drugs

Women are being encouraged to to take more and more drugs to treat osteoporosis (a disease of porous bones). porous bones), and it's true that, after the menopausetheir bones tend to become brittle. weaken. However, the number of fractures in older women is not declining.

No wonder: no study has shown that biphosphonates (drugs used to treat osteoporosis) enhance bone strength.

It should be noted that biphosphonates come from the detergent industry, which uses them to prevent which uses them to prevent magnesium et le calcium to redeposit on the linen [5]. They work by blocking our body's body's ability to destroy old bone cells.

On the face of it, this may seem a good thing. Except that the reason we have this mechanism of destroying old bone cells is to allow them to be replaced by new, stronger cells. replaced by new, stronger cells. If you prevent this natural process take place, don't be surprised if your bones become increasingly fragile. brittle.

The solution: bones are like muscles, they get stronger when you push and pull on them. They melt away when you don't use them. To keep your bones strong, you need to through physical exercise. And you'll find all the minerals they need by eating plenty of vegetables lots of vegetables, especially green ones.

You should also know that food supplements can help you in your daily life. The laboratory Perfect Health Solutions offers dietary supplements adapted to different ailments.

If you would like any advice, please do not hesitate to contact the laboratory. Perfect Health Solutions via by telephone on +33 (0) 1 76 38 20 18 or in click here.


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Pharmacie : découvrez 4 arnaques à éviter
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